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1.19 Update Plan


Ok, before I start, I've been playing on a patreon server a bit, so I've been on the server less...but I'm almost done with some projects I want to do on there then I plan on being on this server more. Hooray! It's the patreon for Joe Hills from Hermitcraft, and I joined when they reset for Season 9, and have completed the farms I wanted to and 2 of my mega builds.

On 6.7.2022, 1.19 came out. YAY!!!  Are we updating yet?  NO!!!  Why?  Because our plugin engine won't be ready for some time.  Let's go through a checklist of things that need to update, I'll keep this up to date:

Server Engine:

  • SpigotMC - Ready enough
  • PaperMC - Mostly ready; I have tested in the dev server, just a couple of things left.
    • Paper has a few major changes that need evaluation. First, the config files will change, which may be fine, but will require me to test first. Second, there is a new faster redstone engine called "Alternate Current." It may fix server performance some, but it also may break things, it's worth me testing in my test environment. Lastly, things having to do with color codes (like the way we highlight player names) uses a new color format, so that may need to be reconfigured.
    • https://discord.com/channels/289587909051416579/492517675680006144/985653672157540412
    • PaperMC Forum Post

Plugins: We need plugins to be ready/tested in 1.19:


Here's some "optional" plugins that we use that aren't critical but need to be upgraded:

Here are the data packs we use:

  • Our main datapack bundle comes from vanillatweaks and can be found here: https://vanillatweaks.net/share#IuZVAv
    • More Mob Heads - Mobs have a chance to drop their head when killed, the head is a player head with a texture baked into the item.
    • Player Head Drops - Players will drop their heads when killed.  The dropped head will have a tag showing who killed them.  The block is a player head with a texture baked into the item, so texture will persist even if the player changes skins.
    • Wandering Trades - The wandering trader will now sell mini blocks which cost emeralds AND a full size version of the mini block.  The blocks are player heads with textures baked into the item.
    • Armor Statues - Provides a unique book which allows the posing and modification of armor stands and item frames
    • Track Statistics - Tracks some interesting statistics
    • Track Raw Statistics - Adds 100+ things to a scoreboard which can rotate and show online players who has done what
    • Coordinates HUD - Shows the players XYZ coords and time of day above the hotbar
    • Workstation Highlights - Allows you to find the workstation of any villager
    • Villager Death Messages - Notifies the server chat when a villager is killed
    • AFK Display - Grays out a player's name if they don't move for 5 minutes
  • Stillagers - A custom DataPack made by surfrock66, this allows you to apply a nametag to Villagers titled "Stillager" which disables their AI which reduces lag in 1x1 spaces in trading halls.  The still villagers will restock at 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM in game.  This can be reversed by applying the nametag "Moveager." https://www.teh3l3m3nts.com/new-datapack-stillagers/

Lastly, there are some client mods we use which are very helpful but aren't deal-breakers

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