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1.0 Map…A Thought

So I've been thinking. We voted to keep main world, clear and update "update map," and make a 1.0 map. I never understood the whole specific 1.0 thing...it's just a point rev of the game really. Do we need a permanent map there?

Then I got to thinking. I'm loving 1.0 single player...hunting for stuff like a noob. Why can't we bring that to multiplayer? It brought me to the idea of treating the 1.0 map as a protected environment to play the actual game as a group.

Here's some parameters I thought of for this experience:

  • Everyone works together towards a single goal; the map isn't just for going into and diggin. We have other maps for that.
  • No bringing resources, with the exception of tools or armor, into the world. If we need it...mine/grow it.
  • Admins/owners spawn no items in this world. Game becomes pointless otherwise.
  • No warps allowed. No setting homes either. We build a house at spawn...when you die you go back to your real world house and have to map switch back to spawn.
  • When we find the portal to the end...we plan to go in as a group. No renegades. Everyone that helped get there gets to help in the fight.

Basically, we go in as a group, set up a necessities-only shop, make as-needed teams (think "you three...we need a lot of wood" "you two, hunt for ender pearls" "can the four of you make a wheat farm and stock us up?") We could even have a planned out nether expedition (for a 1.0-specific nether)

What think you?

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    12 Responses to “1.0 Map…A Thought”

  1. rtkermit Says:

    sounds awesome but you know someone will ruin it

  2. Pirate06 Says:

    Sounds great, i can record the whole thing :) is it possible to lock the map down so it cant be ruined by random people?

  3. surfrock66 Says:

    We CAN restrict map use by permissions, but it’s tricky.

  4. sbrough10 Says:

    This isn’t my regular account, but it is me, I’m just too lazy to log on. I’m totally on board with this idea, but I still want to be able to go to a part of the map, set a warp, and build my own little community. Pretty much, I still want to be able to do my own thing on this refreshed map too.

  5. sbrough10 Says:

    whoah, it knew my account by my email? oh shit, that seems dangerous

  6. cncr04s Says:

    I support a group effort idea, but not this type of thing specifically, I’m with SB. I want to do my own thing in the map if I wanted.
    And surf, there are plugins like worldgaurd/towny in which you can set specific areas w/rules in which you can implement this idea.

  7. surfrock66 Says:

    I didn’t mean to say ppl can’t build there…the idea was more “if we did all this building and got to the stronghold to find it raided and the ender eyes all placed I’d ban a bitch.”

  8. cncr04s Says:

    well whoever does it first deserves to do it first =D
    you could reset the world_the_ender map too if it came down to that, but i doubt one person could take down the enderdragon, it was tough enough while having god mode on.

  9. spikey202 Says:

    yeah this does seem like a good idea but i cant join because im too busy in rl :( ill try to join soon and im only typing this because im checking very quickly whats goin on in the server

  10. Leafett Says:

    So kinda like use 1.0 as the adventure challenge map everyone works together to build resources and kill the ender dragon reset and adventure again, update world as the mining map, and main world as the build project map?

  11. Morate Says:

    Awesome! Sign me up as the farmer… I have the potential to make WICKED farms. :D

  12. Potpourri Says:

    I think this is a good idea, and I agree with surf that the world should be locked down to frequent/approved players. However, I think that we shouldn’t be able to bring tools/armor into the world, because then we would just get 10 people running around with full diamond armor (in other words, no fun at all!)
    And if we were to do this, I’ll be the miner!

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