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Group End conquering event!

Date:  November 7th

Time:  4:00PM Eastern Standard Time (EST)

As some of you are aware, loganwerty545 and rheindel found the End portal on the new map.  They would like as many of us as possible to venture in together, explore, and kill that motherfucking dragon!  Thus, the date and time above (adjust for your own time zone) we are getting as many people together as we can to fuck this shit up.  If you plan on being present for it, please reply in the comments.  any comments, question or concerns can be addressed to me, IMGArY or to loganwerty545 or rheindel.

Server Updated to 1.8

I have finally updated the server to 1.8, its the 1.8.1 pre2 release. I hope that doesn’t cause issues with the current 1.8 version, let me know if it does.
Well beside that, we are now on vanilla minecraft. That comes with potential issues, no locked storage, grief stuff. If any one has any ideas to limit greifing potential, let me know.
I went with a random generated map, so it is how it is; spawn seems to be in a mountainous area, with some plains. This will present interesting building choices.
You are free to build in spawn, provided its not your main house. Be respectful of others work.

I see that some one has already added a few things to spawn, that’s great! Add more!
I hope that more people come back, it was nice bout of activity we had this year.

Future of Teh3l3m3nts

Hello, We had a recent bout of activity, which was great! But I suspect that 1.8 is the reason many people do not come to play any more. In fact its probably been the main reason all this year.
So, knowing this and knowing something else that I’ll let you in on:
Bukkit is the software we run to have our server, and its mods, Unfortunatly Bukkit is dead project now. It won’t be updating to 1.8, no reason to keep running 1.7.
So knowing both this, I want to start to run the server on Vanilla 1.8, this is the normal minecraft software.

I’ll be making the switch soon, I want to get peoples opinions on if we should use an existing world, or create a new world.

I’d like to add that, going this way, we will lose access to multi worlds, everything in them. We’ll lose locked chests(lockette) as well as lots of other mods.
It’s a big change, going back to the roots, but as far as I know there is no other server software we could use that is updated as frequently as vanilla server.

I want your skins!!! for a project

building a monument to everyone who plays on the server but i need your skins to do it, if you could attach a photo of your skin below that would be awesome!!!! thanks guys!

Hi Everyone!

Hey Guys,

Decided to hop on for the first time in damn near ever lol.  I know I’ve said this many times before, but I think I’m going to get more involved again.  Not really planning on any server level stuff anytime soon because I want to make sure I don’t flake out again first.  I just wanted to shout out to everyone.  Hopefully I’ll see you there!